Dag-nab ding-a-lings gih-gih-gih!!

Pals forever.

Here we see Tony Gunning, a.k.a. Tony Baloney, enjoying an adult beverage with Hoss and his recently won Hamm’s Hat. And if you think Tony got that nickname by accident, well, you’d be wrong. Tony tells the most incredulous stories I’ve ever heard. He’s been in Viet Nam, Korea, World Wars I, II, and IV, etc. etc. He’s a helluva guy, actually. It’s always a treat to be in his presence, and he’s happy to engage you in conversation, which may or may not be to your liking.

I recall one time in particular when The Rail first started serving Guinness in a can. I enjoy a Guinness now and then, but I typically prefer it from out of an actual tap. Anyway, I decided to have one, and I happened to be sitting next to Tony. He started spinning a yarn about how he used to hang out at some bar where they had an early morning breakfast. That breakfast consisted of a pint of Guinness and a hard-boiled egg. Now I’ve known of bars like this before, but the truly interesting thing was that according to Tony, they would hang the hard-boiled eggs by a string from the ceiling. You would raise your pint glass, dip the egg into it, and then eat the egg off of the string.

I want to go to this bar.