I’m a Coulter jerk. I’ve been swamped with so many stupid things like drinking my brains out on a regular basis that ONCE AGAIN I’ve fell horrifically behind on my Hamm’s Hat Posting Duties. I gotta get another job. One where I don’t drink all day. Or drink on the job. Or, uh, drink. So I promise that in the coming weeks I’ll be posting more loving Hamm’s Hats because I don’t have a life. Well, outside of drinking all day. And going to The Rail. Which is sort of the same thing. But I digress. Oh. Wait, I didn’t, did I. ENOUGH!


So there.

Yay, Hamm’s Hats! Love how they’re bringing back the old style cases, amirite!?

Oh, and speaking of Coulter, be sure to check out his “new” blog which sounds about as good as it sounds.