We break from our regularly scheduled program …

I know this has nothing to do with Hamm’s Hats, but why the Earth isn’t spinning off its axis RIGHT NOW is completely beyond me.

Yes — here we see FOUR Joyce brothers all shitting away their carefully earned paychecks in front of the diabolical whore-machines at The Brass Rail.

This goes beyond Wonder-Twin Powers, Care Bare Stares, Power Ranger whatever-it-is-the-fucking-power-rangers-do, or Keith’s brain. This should scare every human being on the planet, and rightly so.

Something like this comes to mind:

Mrs. Joyce would be proud appalled titillated nonplussed.

And now back to your regularly scheduled program.


Yup — I’m embarrassed.

Once again I have fallen behind on my HHPDs. This simply will not do, so let’s get right back into it with a healthy shot of Hamm’s-Hat-iness and our good pal Quicksilver, who is clearly in the right spirit of things.

More posts will be coming forthwith … I’ve got a nice queue assembled, so stop in at The Rail, order a delicious can of Hamm’s, and let’s get it ON!

‘n shit.