Catch Up!

Hello it’s me…River Rat.

I thought I would use my first post and yes attempt at the Hamms-Hat site by playing some catch up and posting several photos. So lets see… I guess I’ll start with myself just so everyone knows who I am if you don’t already…


Next up is Jurassic on his birthday!…a very good time to get (excuse me, earn) a Hamms hat I might add.


Up next is All Star posing with Forty and his “Busch Light hat”, hopefully that is what is keeping his buns so rock hard.


Next we have a couple very creative ladies and I’m sad to say I don’t recall their names or frat names, I’ll just call them Piggy and Kitty. If you know or recognize them please be sure to tell them the people at think they are very creative and would like to see their next work on a Hamms hat.


Finally we have our new bartender Matt (don’t think he has a frat name yet we should probably get on that) after getting off work from his other job…


Good times had by all thanks to the beer from the land of sky blue waters. (and Busch Light)