L&L Tavern …

… is easily in my top-five most sensible bars in Chicago. Not only is the jukebox FREE, but it actually has some half-decent music on it. The beer is cheap, there’s plenty of it, and the walls are adorned with all things cheap-beer-related.

Here’s a picture of me after winning a Pabst hat.

… and here’s a picture of one of their newer bartenders — my good friend Karen. Notice the Hamm’s tray and the can of Duff beer. Pretty classy joint, eh?

Yes. Yes it is.

2001: A Hamm’s Hat Odyssey.

Here’s Kevin as his cherry dost get poppethed.

What a happy guy! End result below:

But wait: Howz he gonna drink that cool refreshing Hamm’s? Answers below:

Yup … with a special cutting tool, he made a little mouth hole for tha sippin’.

Will it work? Let’s see.

I’d say that’s a big 10-4, yo.

Let’s go for a stroll, shall we?

The best part was when the two ladies in the passing pickup truck asked to take Kevin’s picture.

And here’s the lovely Karen sharing her rendition of the Hamm’s jingle …

What a wonderful world.