Turkey Day 2014!

Good times had by all who not only stayed awake after eating but felt that alcoholic urge to get drunk after eating. Lots of hats won this year, surprisingly though, none of them Hamm’s Hats. Enjoyable none the less however.

First off, Big Black who drank enough Sam Adam’s to start some sort of a revolution against the British all in the name of America! and Thanksgiving!tdaybigblack

As the evening progressed things got more and more exciting obviously and our creator Steakhouse decided to defy the gods and risk a very messy incident. Boy was it exciting though! America!!


Now the creative side of the bar took over and this guy did something nobody had seen before, a puppet…made from a case of Busch Light. It could even give a blank expression, good stuff.


And by now hopefully I have bored Fote into a nap and he has given up on reading this post… If he is still reading, we were totally closed when this happened trust me!!tdayme

Another successful holiday at the Brass Rail. Have any pictures we don’t? send them to us!