Red Stag Hat!!!

It was a glorious Sunday afternoon at the Rail, and the joint was hopping with regulars and everyone was having a grand ol’ time. Lou the barber was in town from Panama, where he freaks out the locals and cavorts with various women named Vanessa. It seems like everyone he knows down there is named Vanessa. Federali also showed up with shit-tons of food for Hoss, including a pair of gigantic chili dogs. I swear I have never seen a hotdog that, uh, thick.

Later on, Gibby walked in as he was on break from his job. Naturally when you’re on break, you relax, and what better way to relax than to swing by your favorite watering hole and harass people into working for you. Alas, there were no takers, so Gibby decided to do a shot.

And lo and behold …

Whoa whoa whoa … hold it … easy there … Eeeeeasy …

And then Gibby went back to work. Something about nuclear missiles or brain surgery. I forget which.

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