Bud Hat plus bonus Bud VEST!

And so began a typical drunkfest day at The Brass Rail, and we see here the venerable Boilermaker wearing a very stylish Bud Hat. But this wasn’t just any ordinary, day … oh no. YouTube was invented! So here below we see a video of Matt doing a little dance. A Bud Hat dance, if you will. To wit:

It kinda sounds like he’s singing that Boner Pills song. Here he goes again, except this time he starts making that bizarre whistling sound that only he can make:

But here’s where things REALLY get good … Matt, in a stroke of genius, turns his Bud Hat into a Bud Vest! That’s Margarita there with the assist.

Success! Genius, I tell you — pure genius.

Sheer and utter brilliance. Not to mention something to wear out on a Saturday night. Just sayin’. And without further ado, a Bud Vest dance.

(What exactly is he doing with his finger?)

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