“Nice pour.”

So the other night, I was coming back from dinner with my folks, and I had to drop by downtown for legitimate reasons. Nonetheless, I thought I’d stop into The Rail to see what was up. Which I did, only to find River Rat and Hoss enjoying rounds of “The Leonard Maltin Game”, invented by Doug Benson. That in and of itself is probably worthy of a post all of its own, and believe me when I say: it’s a very amusing game. Basically, imagine trying to guess the name of a movie using nothing but Maltin’s editorializing (e.g., “A total bomb.”) without knowing anything about the plot. [Hint: Maltin does not like long movies.] You’re then given a list of topped bill, and you have to try and guess the movie from the least known on up … easier to see than explain …

In any case, it’s lots of fun, and needless to say, River Rat and Hoss had been playing for some time. At some point, it was decided to get the fancy glasses out. Fancy glasses, you say? Yup — they’re out there. Hidden deep within the bowels of The Rail are fancy glasses. Pinkies were raised.

Here’s Hoss looking very dignified.

River Rat looking equally so.

A shot of our two rummies …

And lastly, some video of a poor pour, if you will … Note the Leonard Maltin book in the background. It’s only the 2010 addition, but I’ll have you know that The Rail has recently acquired the 2013 version. We are an up-to-date bunch, so suck it.

“Negative Two!” (You’ll just have to come in and play to understand what that means.)

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