Lash hat.

Here we see a fella going by the name of Tim Lash. I like short one-syllable names. It’s just a lot easier to remember, and it rolls off the tongue. Other fine examples are Bob Bone, John Rope, and Mike Phlegm. See? You remember these names already, right?

Here’s another name: Keith Yamamoto. Know how I remember this name? Yamamoto was the name of the commander-in-chief of the Japanese navy during WW II. I asked Wikipedia The Hoff. Yamamoto is also the name of Keith, although this particular Yamamoto is a little less ambitious. And I’m ok with that. KEEEEEEEITH!

Look at this guy (photo courtesy of RiverRat)! He looks like he just robbed a bank and got away with it or something. Oh yeah — it’s the hat. Nevermind.

3 thoughts on “Lash hat.

  1. I will never forget the name Bob Bone. When I’m 102 and nothing but a squishy lump of Alzheimer’s the last two words I will probably know will be Bob Bone.

  2. “Hi. Is this Bob Bone?”

    “Yes …”

    “Did you know your name is Bob Bone?”


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