Mah-tee, Mah-tee, Mah-tee, Maht, Maht, Maht …

Ahh, Boilermaker. He’s like a big Teddy Bear. A big Teddy Bear that likes Purdue, Busch Light, and MC’s. What’s an MC, you say? Some might say it’s a Matty Cocktail. Others might say it’s the most vile mixed drink you could imagine. But I’ll leave that to your imagination. Instead, here’s another shot of Matty before he spins around like a top.

He looks like some big elephant that traded in his snout for a sharp set of teef. Whatevs.

Grab yer coat and get yer hat!

Leave your worries on the doorstep,
Life can be so sweet …
On the sunny side of the street.

Can’t you hear the pitter-pat?
And that happy tune as your step,
Life can be complete …
On the sunny side of the street.

I used to walk in the shade, with my blues on parade.
But I’m not afraid… this rover’s crossed over …

If I never had a cent,
I’d be rich as Rockefeller …
Gold dust at my feet,
On the sunny side of the street.