2001: A Hamm’s Hat Odyssey.

Here’s Kevin as his cherry dost get poppethed.

What a happy guy! End result below:

But wait: Howz he gonna drink that cool refreshing Hamm’s? Answers below:

Yup … with a special cutting tool, he made a little mouth hole for tha sippin’.

Will it work? Let’s see.

I’d say that’s a big 10-4, yo.

Let’s go for a stroll, shall we?

The best part was when the two ladies in the passing pickup truck asked to take Kevin’s picture.

And here’s the lovely Karen sharing her rendition of the Hamm’s jingle …

What a wonderful world.

Great Lakes!

Say hello to Great Lakes, who was quietly enjoying herself at a certain bar in a certain town deep in the heart of the Midwest.

After a few minor adjustments, she had assembled a very nice looking hat complete with ears and, well, more ears. With grace and dignity, she applied said hat and wistfully picked up her can while gazing off into the distance. This woman means business.

But here’s where things really get interesting. After carefully placing her can back on the bar, she lifted her hat a bit, sat back down on her stool, and stared pensively off into the distance, as if she were … hmmm … thinking about her subjects?

Nefertiti, anyone? Well played, Great Lakes … well played.

UPDATE: Here’s another great photo of Great Lakes, as submitted by Margarita.

Quittin’ time.

Here’s River Rat enjoying a cool refreshing Hamm’s after his hard day of work at The Rail. Yup — we’ve got some fresh meat behind the bar … Cool Whip chose to step down and handed over the venerable reins to this fellow here. What a better way to finish off your shift, then to win a Hamm’s Hat. Is that rewarding or what!? River Rat tweeted (twatted? twitted? who the fuck knows) this pic so you know we’re on board with all the latest kids’ technology ‘n shit.

Dig it.

Weird Head

Hmmmm …

A quandry indeed, so I kinda went for a Little Bunny Foo-Foo sorta thang. Note the down-turned ear.

A hip, a hop, a hippity hop …

And there you have it.

And while I’m at it, a big congratulatory congratulations to Bandana and Hot Pockets on their beautiful wedding ceremony (clocked in at under fifteen minutes) and reception (clocked in at … uh … I can’t remember.)