Hamm’s Hat Hat.

Here’s Okie wearing his Hamm’s Hat on his Hat Hat. He almost looks like he’s doing one of those tipping of the hat forward kinda moves while cuttin’ a rug on some stage with a cane, a monocle, top-hat, and wing-tipped shoes. Or something like that. Except he’s probably just sitting on a stool. Yeah, that’s it — a stool. This ain’t the Moulin friggin’ Rouge.

The Happy Couple …

Say hello to the happy couple, Forty and Twizzler. In another episode of “Arts ‘n Crafts w/ Coulter”, we see that he’s made himself a nice smiley Hamm’s Hat. He looks kinda angry though there underneath — or serious — but who can tell.

Ok, I’m sorry to have subjected you to that ugly mug, so here’s his beautiful wife, Twizzler!

I swear it’s a match made in heaven, assuming that match is an attractive young lady, and a pudgy, stout alcoholic who tells dick jokes.

Awwww … wedded bliss.

It keeps getting better and better.

Welcome to August. And what better way to launch the birth of a new month but with one of the best Hamm’s Hats yet to date. I would have never imagined the lengths folks would go to in their quest for the ultimate Hamm’s Hat … I swear the thing has a life of its own.

And so, I present to you, the Hamm’s Hat Hamm’s Hat, lovingly crafted by Hoss himself. He laments that the ‘S’ is backwards, but really. I think we can throw out the opinion of the East German judge and give this one a solid 10, baby!! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go to Mickey D’s, down some Buds, and hit up Subway with Apollo Ohgosh.