I’ve been sworn to secrecy not to reveal who these little rugrats are, but needless to say they will soon grow up to be big and strong and adorned with Hamm’s Hats because they ate all their vegetables. Stroh’s AND Stag! Awesome. Sounds like a comedy duo.


… or is it Jake? Or Jaik? Or Djaike? Or Tschjdzaykuh?

It doesn’t matter when wearing one’s Hamm’s Hat, especially when there are laser beams emanating from one’s maw. Pretty bad ass, eh?

Coulter comes clean; stands on soapbox.

Here’s “40” doing what he does best: polishing off 30-packs of Hamm’s and holding up signs that other people write for him because he had to repeat the sixth grade. Actually, that does look like his penmanship. Let’s see what else he has to say …

Actually, I happen to be exemplary in the fine arts of Information Technology. Yeah, I know. I’m a nerd. Touché, my friend — touché. Oh wait — I think he’s going somewhere else with that.