Champaign Firefighters getting into the spirit!

Sure it’s been eons since there’s been a post … eat it.

But the other day I received an e-mail that stirred the cockles and the sub-cockles of my heart. Submitted by Chuck Sullivan, here we see our very own Champaign Firefighters who happened to be on a bar crawl. As it was explained to me, they stopped in at The Rail, and lo and behold, one of ’em one a Hamm’s Hat. YAAAAAAH!!!!

Look at all of ’em cans!! CANS!!! Cans of Hamm’s, I tell ya.

Please to enjoy, and happy holidays ‘n shit.

Fun fact: Our very own Fu Dog was a firefighter for the UofI fire department back in the day … when it existed, of course.


Turkey Day 2014!

Good times had by all who not only stayed awake after eating but felt that alcoholic urge to get drunk after eating. Lots of hats won this year, surprisingly though, none of them Hamm’s Hats. Enjoyable none the less however.

First off, Big Black who drank enough Sam Adam’s to start some sort of a revolution against the British all in the name of America! and Thanksgiving!tdaybigblack

As the evening progressed things got more and more exciting obviously and our creator Steakhouse decided to defy the gods and risk a very messy incident. Boy was it exciting though! America!!


Now the creative side of the bar took over and this guy did something nobody had seen before, a puppet…made from a case of Busch Light. It could even give a blank expression, good stuff.


And by now hopefully I have bored Fote into a nap and he has given up on reading this post… If he is still reading, we were totally closed when this happened trust me!!tdayme

Another successful holiday at the Brass Rail. Have any pictures we don’t? send them to us!


Hamm’s Cat. Get it?

Submitted by a loyal reader, is the following pic of a feline that just discovered that the case was empty. Hence the, uh, paw reaching out for his, uh, change on the bar? Whatever. It’s a cute pic, so I’m posting it under the assumption that anyone still even pulls up this “blog” …

He needs a frat-name! Any suggestions?

P.S.: It’s Hideout’s birthday today — buy him a shot and show him a good time in the alley. He’s an old man now. Hahahaha.

Bottle hats!

Hello again,

a small update but personally only second so still very important so I decided to devote this one to some VIPs doing some VITs (things). I will keep it short and sweet… First, Moose sporting exactly what he wants: Gin and Squirt.


and the regular I consider the anti-Nate, our humble friend and fellow umm “indulger” (he’s not a drunk he’s a respectable business man and the creator…) Steakhouse!


L&L Tavern …

… is easily in my top-five most sensible bars in Chicago. Not only is the jukebox FREE, but it actually has some half-decent music on it. The beer is cheap, there’s plenty of it, and the walls are adorned with all things cheap-beer-related.

Here’s a picture of me after winning a Pabst hat.

… and here’s a picture of one of their newer bartenders — my good friend Karen. Notice the Hamm’s tray and the can of Duff beer. Pretty classy joint, eh?

Yes. Yes it is.

Big Black Fashion Show

Here we see Big Black strutting her stuff like all Fashionistas do. Is that even a word? I have no idea. And in retrospect, it probably shouldn’t be, but when you have words like “Chillax” and “Diphthong”, well, I guess anything goes.

Let’s watch.

I feel like I’m on an airline circa nineteen-hundred-and-mad-men waiting for my Old Fashioned served by a stewardess flight-attendant. Sorry. I’ll sit on the racist side of the bar. Wait a minute — that’s not racist … just old-fashioned! Ha! See what I did there?

Nish-nish. [phrase blatantly stolen from Hoffrey.]

P.S.: River Rat is not doing his duties. I’m very VERY disappointed.

Catch Up!

Hello it’s me…River Rat.

I thought I would use my first post and yes attempt at the Hamms-Hat site by playing some catch up and posting several photos. So lets see… I guess I’ll start with myself just so everyone knows who I am if you don’t already…


Next up is Jurassic on his birthday!…a very good time to get (excuse me, earn) a Hamms hat I might add.


Up next is All Star posing with Forty and his “Busch Light hat”, hopefully that is what is keeping his buns so rock hard.


Next we have a couple very creative ladies and I’m sad to say I don’t recall their names or frat names, I’ll just call them Piggy and Kitty. If you know or recognize them please be sure to tell them the people at think they are very creative and would like to see their next work on a Hamms hat.


Finally we have our new bartender Matt (don’t think he has a frat name yet we should probably get on that) after getting off work from his other job…


Good times had by all thanks to the beer from the land of sky blue waters. (and Busch Light)